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Staff Meeting

Welcome to the NobleEdge

We're all familiar with the competitive edge, the cutting edge, the leading edge.
Introducing the NobleEdge, where human-centered leadership is the key to success.


We believe that character and values based on virtues and integrity are the keys

to effective and transformational leadership. Our experienced team of consultants

will work with you to unlock the potential of your organization,

bringing humanity into the heart of your leadership.

Discover the power of living and leading on the NobleEdge!


"Our purpose in life is to walk consistently toward the Noble Edge. This is the space where the nobility we are born with flourishes through the agreement of our words and deeds.
A place where courage, honesty and integrity thrive."

                           ~NobleEdge co-founders, Marie Tjernlund & Christopher Gilbert

On sale now!

Get The Book

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time by Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D. 

invites you into an inspirational conversation about truth and trust.


Spiced with personal stories, humorous anecdotes and invaluable guidance, you will learn how to make consistently good choices that build strong relationships and create a brighter future.

Available online and at fine bookstores everywhere

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