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Here are opportunities for you to explore how Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D., Co-founder, Author and Speaker from NobleEdge, is reaching out through media to inspire transformational conversations about leadership, ethical behavior
and building strong trusting relationships.

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September 2021

Putting The United Back Into The United States: 
The 5 Things That Each Of Us Can Do To Help Unite Our Polarized Society (Authority Magazine)

Research shows that awareness of our capacity for moral progress actually helps us make better choices. It may be a well-worn habit for us to rationalize and excuse our decisions without considering our impact on others.
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August 2021

The Mark Bishop Show featuring Christopher Gilbert PhD and The Noble Edge

Every moment of our lives, we make choices. Some of our choices can change the world for the better. What would happen if you could trust yourself and those around you to make good moral choices all the time? 

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September 2021

WCTC Radio with Tom Gordon interviews author Christopher Gilbert, PhD

“The important ethical issues of today are not found in arguing about which schoolyard bully is the most unethical,” says Gilbert. “That’s the smoke in the moral room. The fire is our misguided belief that ‘good’ people make the good decisions and ‘bad’ people make the unethical ones.
Compass Pointing North

August 11, 2021

CEO World Magazine:
3 Ways CEOs Can Find a Strong Moral Compass

How do we overcome the pressures and temptations to flout ethical behavior in favor of personal or professional gains? Here are ways to make ethical decisions while holding yourselves and others accountable...

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September 2021

Christopher Gilbert PhD featured on WCBC Radio with Dick Yoder

But when I think about Edge, is it a razor thin line to do the right thing ethically, precariously close to falling off? Or…by doing the right thing ethically we have an Edge in life and business…or maybe it’s a combination of both?”
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July 2021

Talk! with Audrey podcast with Christopher Gilbert, PhD

TALK! with AUDREY is a weekly radio show hosted by former Essence magazine executive Audrey Adams. Join her in a discussion about ethics and building trust as she interviews author and speaker, Christopher Gilbert PhD.

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August 2021

Thrive Global Magazine:
Ask Not What Vaccination Can Do For You...

In 2021, the global pandemic shines a searing light on our human interconnectedness. This highly volatile and contagious virus has become the acid test for global cooperation.

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July 5, 2021

Christopher Gilbert PhD featured on Dr. Pat Radio Show

Seattle, WA—An international award-winning talk radio host and CEO of a successful motivational company, Dr. Pat Bacilli discovered, through reading The Noble Edge, that you can truly step into a level of truth that is freeing.

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