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Coming Alive Again Every Day

I actually feel physically different on January 1st. There's just something absolutely wonderful about New Year's Day and I feel it from my head to my toes. Nothing to regret, nothing to redo, nothing to reclaim. It feels like I've just taken a shower and I've got clean sheets. And everything is bright and clear. Remember when we used to get new PeeChee's in the fall when we were getting ready for school? All our school supplies were fresh, our pencils were sharpened. We feel renewed.

So, armed with all this optimism for the new year, we start to make all these inspiring new plans. I'm going to lose those 10 pounds, start exercising, stop this habit or that habit. Then January 20th or 21st rolls around and, darn it! We realize that we didn't do any of these things. We feel like we're back in December again.

How do we approach the new year in a different way so we don't have to wait until January of 2022 to feel this new feeling again? We have to change how we think about time. Do you realize that every day, every single day, can be a brand-new year?

Think about what happens. We wake up in the morning - it's springtime! We're getting ourselves out of the ground, out of the bed. By the time lunchtime hits, it's summer. We are rocking and rolling! I'm getting so many projects done. I'm in the zone! By the time the afternoon and evening rolls around, we're in fall. We slow down, change into comfy clothes and start relaxing. And finally, at the end of the day, we go to bed which is wintertime. Time to refresh.

There you have it: a year in a day. This is why every single day we can can start fresh again. Every day can be January 1st. This is important for our internal motivation. When we fall into old habits, or we don't fulfill a promise we made to ourselves or we just had a crummy day, we need to give ourselves permission to wipe the slate clean, to come alive again. I want to feel like January 1st again. And we can do that every single morning. The choice is ours.

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